Science reveals that husbands cause mums more stress than kids do

omg 14/02/2019

While this new revelation from science won't come as a surprise to many, a study has found that almost half of mums think their husbands cause them more stress than their kids.

The study asked more than 7000 US-based mothers about their stress levels around the home and in life in general and the causes of them. 

“A 7-year-old is going to be a 7-year-old. But a 35-year-old acting like a 7-year-old is more stressful because they should know better,” said one mother.

What’s more, three quarters of mums said they felt like they needed to do all the housework and parenting otherwise it just wouldn’t get done.

A massive one in five mothers said their husbands refused to help out with anything. 

Can you relate?