This new 'spooning pillow' makes cuddling your partner way more comfortable

we love 13/02/2019

Cuddling your partner is about to get a whole lot more comfortable. 

A US company called Coodle has created an arched pillow that stops your arm from getting numb when you or someone else is lying on it.

"The amazing Coodle is a one of a kind pillow." their website reads.

"Its revolutionary patented brace design system completely prevents the weight of your head or your cuddle partner's head from squashing your arm."

"Now your arm won't fall asleep or go numb. Snuggle comfortably all night long!"

If you're keen to get your hands (or head) on these pillows there is some bad news... They've been so popular that they've completely sold out!

When they are back in stock however, they'll set you back around $100 and you can buy them from the Coodle website.