'Milk Coke' is the newest drink that everyone is trying

omg 11/03/2019

A new trend is currently doing the rounds on social media and it is one more skewed for foodies, or at least those who enjoy getting out of their comfort zone and attempting new and obscure tastes.

'Milk Coke' is the trend and it has divided the internet in all sorts of ways.

'Milk Coke' is exactly what it is named after. Most make it by using 1 part full-fat milk and 2 parts of classic Coke. Although some mix it up by using Pepsi, or soy milk etc.

Some say it is delicious, others say it's yuck and surprisingly many say that this trend is nothing knew and they have been doing it for years.

Do you think this is a concoction you would try? Or is it a an abomination?