Aunty confesses to feeding her vegan nephew meat without his mum's knowledge

omg 12/03/2019

A woman has found herself in a tricky situation after her vegan nephew started eating meat while he was at her house.

"My sister has been vegan for many years and she is also raising her son vegan." the woman wrote on Reddit.

"My nephew and son attend the same school so I pick them up from school everyday. My nephew has snacks + dinner at my house every weekday before his mom comes to pick him up."

"I usually make a dish for my family and a separate vegan dish for my nephew. A couple of months ago I left them with their homework and snacks and went to do some chores, came back and found nephew & son sharing chicken nuggets. I provided him with vegan snacks but he still ate the chicken nuggets. I told him those weren't vegan and he told me he that he eats meat in school sometimes. His friends share their meals with him sometimes. I thought about telling my sister but decided not to."

"I know my sister would freak out if she knows he's eating meat. She's staunchly vegan and eating animal products goes against her ethical beliefs which I completely understand and respect."

"My husband thinks I am being an asshole for not telling her and being dishonest, but I think nephew is old enough to make his own dietary choices (he's 10 this year)."

"Should I tell my sister what's going on?"

People were pretty split with their opinions...

"She literally mentions: 'I know my sister would freak out if she knows he's eating meat.' So it's obviously not the child's decision." one person wrote.

"If he is old enough to consciously understand and decide then it should be his choice." added another.

Others said the aunty should've told the mum sooner - what do you think of the tricky situation?