Celebrity chef reveals his hack for making even the cheapest wine taste expensive

we love 29/03/2019

One of the UK's most famous chef's, Heston Blumenthal, has shared his top tip when it comes to making even the cheapest wine or prossecco taste expensive.

And surprisingly - or unsurprisingly - it all comes down to your brain.

Speaking to a journalist in Sydney, the celebrity chef told the journalist to take a sip of her wine while picturing someone she "loved dearly".

He then asked her to take another sip and picture someone she really disliked.

“The difference is marked,” the journalist wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald.

In the second there's a bitter taste not apparent in the first.

Heston explained that it shows how closely our brains and emotions are linked to taste.

"I only discovered this about a month ago,” he said. “It might be the single greatest discovery that I've made."