Mum sparks backlash over her 'excessive' punishment of teen daughter

omg 04/03/2019

A mum has received backlash online for her 'humiliating' punishment she has enacted on her teenage daughter.

The mum claims she's just trying to teach her daughter to not ‘act a fool at school and at home’ - but the way she has gone about it has caused controversy.

In a now deleted Facebook post, the mum explains her point of view...

"She will learn to appreciate having a nice cozy bed... Now that she is sleeping on the floor."

"She will learn to appreciate the clothes and shoes we have bought her now that I have limited her to 3 pants, 3 tops and 3 undergarments, 1 hoodie and 1 jacket and 2 pairs of shoes."

“She will learn to appreciate having a washer and dryer… Because now she will have to wash those 3day outfits by HAND to re-wear them."

“She will appreciate the fact that she had nice clothes to wear at sport the weekends. Because now she will be wearing her same weekday school uniforms during the weekend. Since that’s part of the wardrobe I allowed her to keep!"

"She will appreciate having had a tv to watch because now she will only have the 4 walls in her room to look at or a book to read."

"She will learn to appreciate family time and miss it now that she will have plenty of time alone to think about her horrible actions!"

“She will appreciate the phone she had and we pay for because now she is disconnected from the world. NO SOCIAL MEDIA, NO FRIENDS, NOTHING!"

"Best believe she’s going to learn from this one! #ToughLove"

People were very quick to chime in with their thoughts on the punishment...

"Here’s the big thing: They say 'the punishment should always fit the crime.' There is no clear crime committed here based on the punishment given." one person wrote.

"I feel this is extreme. The parents should be trying to get to the root of the issue and why she did whatever it was she did. All this is gonna do is probably send her into a deep depression from isolation and humiliation. It isn’t gonna solve the actual problem just worsen it," another added.

Do you think this punishment seems over the top?

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle