Outrage as babysitter tries to charge over $400 for overnight babysitting

omg 29/03/2019

In a now deleted post on a Facebook advice group, a Kiwi woman questioned the price of an overnight babysitter.

'Need opinions,' the post started. 'Does $460 for 1 night baby sitting sound right? From 6pm to 11am the next day, two kids aged 2 and 4'

Instantly the call for advice went viral with almost everyone saying that the price was far too high.

"She's not Mary Poppins," one wrote.

"That's more than the weekly rate for daycare," another said.

"Won't the kids be asleep most of that time anyway?" 

The original poster updated everyone on the thread that she had messaged the babysitter neogtiating a lower price, despite many people offering to look after her kids for just a fraction of the price.

Would you ever pay that much for a babysitter?