Science reveals the perfect nap time and length

we love 14/03/2019

Naps are one of life's greatest pleasures - if you do get the chance to sneak one in. While a lot of the time you can wake up from a nap feeling like a million bucks, sometimes you can wake up feeling even tireder than when you went down for your nap.

According to experts, the length of your nap to make sure you feel your optimum is twenty to thirty minutes. Any longer or shorter and you risk the dreaded grogginess and could feel worse.

You also shouldn’t have a nap too late in the day. Midday to mid afternoon is best. You don’t want to nap too late or you won’t be able to sleep that night! 

So, if you are in need of a snooze, try and sneak in a quick twenty minutes in the mid-arvo!