Study finds that drinking tea helps you live a lot longer

we love 11/03/2019

If you want to live and prosper on this earth longer than some of your peers, then drinking tea might be the key to helping you achieve that goal.

According to research taken out by our friends across the ditch, drinking two cups of tea a day on average helped with their life expectancy.

Researchers studied the health of over 1000 women, and while their median age was around 70, at the end of the study, 88 percent of the women were still alive and researchers established that those who drank two cups of tea per day were 40 percent more likely to live longer.

Tea contains flavonoids, a compound that works to boost health.

It is also found in wine and chocolate but tea contains larger amounts of the compound and two cups of tea will provide the recommended daily amount which is 350mg.

So, put on the jug and pour yourself a nice tea - it will help you live longer!