Talk show host John Oliver praises 'amazing' NZ response after Christchurch terror attacks

NZ 19/03/2019

US talk show host John Oliver has praised New Zealand's response to the Christchurch terror attack.

On his show, Last Week Tonight, the British presenter said the response by Kiwis was "incredible."

He said "New Zealand is an incredible place and I know we make fun of it on this show all the time."

"Honestly, there is nothing I like more than making fun of New Zealand, but part of that may be that controversies over there tend to get handled with calm and good cheer."

Caution: video below contains coarse language

Oliver said the attack was "a total affront to the basic values of the people of New Zealand."

He then went on to condemn the words of Australian Senator Fraser Anning, who said Muslim immigration was the cause of the terror attacks, leading one Melbourne teenager to egg him.

"The real cause of Fraser Anning getting hit with an egg is Fraser Anning saying things that prompt people to throw eggs at him. He may be the victim today, but usually he's a huge f*****g a**hole."

John Oliver has previously made fun of New Zealand for the flag referendum, specifically the Lazer Kiwi flag that emerged through it, and 'dildogate', when Steven Joyce got hit in the face with a dildo during a protest.