Woman reveals unusual but incredible kitchen cleaning hack

omg 15/03/2019

If you find yourself surrounded by burnt pots and pans and all of your usual cleaning products are empty, then one blogger has just the solution to your woes.

While this hack is, albeit, very bizarre, it seems to work well and do wonders to her burnt pots!

The hack includes two common household items - Salt and a spud.

The blogger posted an 'unusual cleaning hacks' video to her instagram which quickly racked up over 1,000,000 views showed the blogger's burnt pan.

Simply cut a potato in half and then dip it in salt, ensuring it’s covered.

Then scrub the saucepan with the spud – making sure to pay attention to those burn marks.

Incredibly, the video shows the blackened stains coming off with ease - and the final step is a simple wash under the tap.