Woman shows incredible cleaning hack using a dishwasher tablet

we love 05/03/2019

One woman has shared a pretty incredible cleaning hack to the Facebook page Mums Who Clean. She described the hack as one that meant she had to use minimal elbow grease, and her discovery has set thousands of mums off on excited cleaning rampages!

The woman discovered the hack after she burnt oil in the bottom of her saucepan. While often this leaves the pan looking less than salvageable, the woman used a dishwasher tablet to turn it back into its former glory.

The hack saw the mum pop a single dishwasher tablet inside the pot and covered it with cold water. She let it sit overnight and then in the morning she rinsed it away, only needing to lightly scrub at a few niggly spots.

Other mums have also discovered that the dishwasher tablets don't just need to be restricted to the dishwasher or cleaning burnt bits off of pans - they are brilliant for cleaning oven doors too.