Bride and groom ridiculed for tacky, PDA-filled wedding invites

omg 26/04/2019

Wedding shamers on the Facebook group 'That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming' have had a field day after someone uploaded an invitation to a wedding they were recently asked to attend.

The save the date features seven photographs of the bride and groom, which were dubbed “gross” by fellow group members.

The main image sees the pair touching tongues, with some of the surrounding photographs much more x-rated.

Wedding shamers did not hold back when commenting on the image of the invitation.

One wrote: “I would burn this save the date if I got it.”

Another commented: “If they do this for the save the date should you expect full frontal nudity at the ceremony? Will there be an exotic dance show? Should you pack singles???”

“Tact and class just isn't for everyone...” said another, while a fourth added “how trashy and classless.”