Bride comes underfire for refusing to cater for her two vegan guests

omg 02/04/2019

It's true that on your wedding day, it's a day all about you and whoever you're marrying. It's a day to celebrate your love and your families coming together as one. But in saying that, do you still try to make the day the best day ever for your wedding guests too?

One bride took to a Facebook wedding forum to explain her dilemma when it came to her and her groom's big day.

We are not making special food accommodations. If our parents needed something, sure. Them? No.

The post was shared on a Facebook wedding shaming group and has since divided social media users.

The main consensus from people who were angered at the bride took the angle that if she isn't willing to cater for two people who are on vegan dietary requirements, what if someone had a life threatening allergy to some of the catered food?

"If I was inviting someone to my wedding, I would know they're vegan," wrote one.

"My brother can't eat tree nuts or peanuts, he will die. I know that's extreme, but I would think they would be able to at least have some options available for people with dietary needs." another said.

"You have so much time to plan your wedding and they are letting you know on the RSVP months in advance," explained one user.

"It'd be no extra cost to you, literally just your time. There's no reason why she couldn't communicate with her caterer ahead of time and make sure all her guests are fed. Sounds like a selfish a** woman to me." another criticized.

Others, however, sympathised with the bride, with one deeming it "ridiculous" to expect "self imposed dietary restrictions" to be met.

"I get where the bride is coming from here," she wrote.

"Poor execution maybe but it's a little ridiculous to basically demand as a wedding guest that your self-imposed dietary restrictions be met. Either bring your own food or don't go. My sister is vegan and I anticipate some issues if we don't end up going with a restaurant for our reception who will make her a special meal. I'm not going to go out of my way to find something that'll work for her because she's one guest out of 40ish."

Another suggested the couple eat before the reception.

"Eat before you go to the wedding. That's what most vegans and vegetarians (that I know) do before events," they wrote.

Where do you sit? Do you agree with the bride or disagree?