Bride-to-be shocked after learning ring was fake when she went to get it insured

omg 04/04/2019

A bride-to-be was left absolutely shocked when her massive diamond enagement ring turned out to be a fraud.

After a stunning proposal, the soon-to-be bride went to go and get her ring appraised for insurance purposes.

“He looked at my diamond and told me that it was actually a cubic zirconium,” she wrote to an advice columnist. “I was truly embarrassed.”

She revealed she had already confronted her fiancé but didn't get the reaction she was hoping for.

“He just shrugged it off, saying a real diamond ring that size would have cost him a small fortune and what’s the difference anyway?”

“He said that the ring looks real, and my girlfriends will never know.”

And she said that what threw her the most is that he probably thought she would never find out either.

The bride-to-be also said that she was "upset because I feel lied to. I am ready to call the whole thing off.”

Commenters on the column repeatedly told the engaged woman to dump her partner. “The lie is very worrisome. I’m not sure he can be trusted in the future,” wrote one.

But there were a few who said she was being a little extreme. There is no lie. He never told her it was a diamond, she assumed. Maybe he assumed it was obvious it’s CZ because of the size,” they wrote.