Former Kmart employee shares secrets that can help you get big discounts

omg 12/04/2019

A former employee of a Kmart in Australia has taken to her Youtube channel to share all the best hacks and tips she learnt from her 4 years working there.

1. The stock will always drop in price

One of the first tips the woman shared in her video was that each item is gauranteed to eventually drop in price. She reccommended having a friend who works at Kmart who can keep you in the loop, but for those who aren't so lucky to have those connections, she said to simply check in on the store every now and then.

"If it's something that isn't in the catalogue but it has been in the store for a long time, especially clothes, they can sometimes go on sale for as little as $1."

2. Check the barcode

An unsual tip the former Kmart employee shared was to keep an eye on the barcodes of products. 

"The last digit on the barcode changes after every new season," she said. 

"So if there are two toasters that look exactly the same and the last digit of one barcode is eight and the other is nine, the one with the eight should be cheaper."

3. There is extra stock that exists

The woman revealed that often not all of their stock is out on the shelves. So if something is sold out, or you can't find a particular item, it is 100% worth asking someone at the counter to take a look out the back.

She also suggested that when dealing with Kmart workers, it is best to head into store between 8am-5am weekdays as that is when the more knowledgeable full-time staff work.

4. The cheapest time to visit is after a major holiday

"The best bargains are right after Christmas and after Easter," she said.

"On Boxing Day there's a whole section that drops down to between five cents and $5 but it is usually wiped out on Boxing Day by customers so it's good to come in early."

"In between campaign periods like "Back To School" they would mark things down because it's not as busy but a lot of the times, quite randomly, they will slash the prices of a bulk number of books, clothes or appliances."

"It's usually when a newer model/garment has been updated, fixed or isn't selling."

"The price will drop down drastically but the item doesn't really change by much."