Jewelers turn your child's artwork into wearable necklaces

we love 04/04/2019

One of the best things about being a parent is when they come home from school or daycare and show you their creation that they have poured their heart and soul into. And while you normally hang the artwork up right in the centre of the fridge, you can now also hang them around your neck.

Turkey-based Tasarim Takarim Studio, which is run by two people, have a background in lithography, etching, and silk-screening. And now, they're using their talents to transform children's drawings into jewellery for their parents. 

"Keep a moment forever," the company explains. "Tasarim Takarim turns kid's drawing into precious jewelries and a single moment of a childhood becomes timeless... engraved and hand cut sterling silver brooch." 

"We believe that children's art is the most important building block of the creativity and appreciation of the children's drawing is the best way to support them."

Unfortunately it is not cheap to get done, but they do create pieces from people all over the world.