Mum left furious after family tell her her baby's name is better suited for a dog

omg 23/04/2019

Having a baby is so exciting. And while some expectant parents like to wait until they see their baby before they name it, other new parents have had baby names picked out weeks, months even years in advance.

One new mum was excited discover she was pregnant and be able to name her baby one of the names that have stuck with her for a while. The name is Huxley.

But when she told her family what her newborn's name was to be, every single person in the family screwed their face up in disgust.

Writing on a popular mums advice blog, the mum-to-be wrote: “I know it doesn’t matter what others think, but… We’ve fallen in love with the name Huxley but whenever I tell anyone they pull a face and say it’s a dog’s name,”

“I’m trying to stick to what my partner and I like but it’s so disheartening."

Many mums sided with her and revealed they had experienced similar situations when naming their babies.

Lots revealed that they didn't tell anyone what they were going to name their baby for the exact reason that they didn't want their family to judge.

Another said she had quite a savage reply ready to go when people weren't impressed with what she was naming her baby: “In the early days when I suggested a name and someone said ‘ewwww’ I’d reply jokingly with ‘well if that’s what I decide you don’t need to hold her if you don’t like her name’ and it would shut people up.”