Mum's Kmart hack goes viral for the wrong reasons

omg 10/04/2019

A mum has unfortunately gone viral for the wrong reasons after she shared her Kmart organized pantry to fellow Kmart mums on Facebook.

Despite her post meaning to highlight how she made her pantry look so perfect, people couldn't help but focus their attention the rather aggressive black pinboard on the wall of the pantry.

The pinboard was titled 'Pantry Rules' and it was the last line that really struck a cord with some people.

The first rule reads “don’t ask where anything is” and points out various food items can be found in the corresponding basket or tin.

However, the second rule says: “I spent two days organising this pantry, if you mess it up, I will cut you.”

“OMG, this woman needs to calm down,” one person wrote.

“I’d never put a sign up like for my children to read. I don’t get why people think it’s funny,” another said.

“You’ll cut your loved ones … feral,” someone else mused.

One person said: “Love this but the sign is blegh.”

But, some people stood by the mum and her rules too.

“I’d be spewing if my husband messed with it as well,” one person said.

“She doesn’t f**k around, good on her,” another added.