People are going crazy over latest Kmart hack that uses McDonald's cheeseburgers

omg 02/04/2019

One of the latest Kmart crazes that are red hot at the moment is the Kmart pie maker. The little beauty is so popular that a Facebook group where Kmart pie maker lovers can share their recipes is home to almost 100,000 people.

Recently, a big fan of the Kmart pie maker shared a new nifty little hack that surprised a lot of people. It's cheap, easy and everyone has called it delicious!

The hack is simple - using your Kmart pie maker, and a McDonald's cheese burger, load the cheese burger into one of the pie moulds, close the lid and let cook for a few minutes.

But the McDonald's cheese burger pie doesn't stop there. Another Kmart pie maker chef decided to one up the cheese burger pie by adding McDonald's fries too.

He revealed to get the pie perfect, it is best to turn the cheese burger upside down when you place it in the Kmart pie maker.

The ‘hilarious’ pie certainly sparked a lot of conversation on the Kmart Pie Makers forum with many divided over the creation.

Many agreed it looked ‘bloody delicious’, with one writing: ‘Oh heck yeah!’

Added another: ‘Now THAT is my kind of pie! 😍’ Someone else wrote: ‘This is goals ❤️’,while another suggested: ‘With Big Mac sauce on the side for dipping!’

However others weren’t so sure!

‘Each to their own...but just NO!’ wrote one. Said another: ‘That’s all kinds of wrong🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️’