Pet expert explains that dogs actually hate the most common way we show them love

omg 26/04/2019

A pet expert has provided some pretty damning information for when it comes to our precious pups. Apparently going straight up to a dog and patting them on the head is the worst way to show them affection!

“The wrong way to approach a dog is to walk up to them head on and just lean in for a head pat,” Sarah Bartlett explained.

Apparently going straight to their little heads is considered threatening.

The pet expert then went on to suggest alternative ways to show love to your dog.

"The best thing is to approach them from the side and then go down,” Sarah said.

"Keep your own bubble and their bubble, and it's then the dog's choice whether then encroach into your bubble.”

"I'm crouched down sideways and all I'm going to do is offer my hand out."

“If the dog sniffs your hand, you should then give them a little scratch under the chin or the ear.”

“Another thing to think about is if a dog rolls onto their back and shows their belly, we all love to give them a belly scratch.”

"But what we all tend to do is maybe be a bit firm with it, but for most dogs this is too much."