Post goes viral with hospital's instructions for new mums in the late 60's/early 70's

omg 02/04/2019

A post highlighting a hospital's rules when it came to new mums has gone viral with people astounded at how much has changed in the last few years.

A woman said her mum was cleaning out some of her things when she stumbled across her old hospital instructions from 1968. “It gave me a chuckle,” she wrote on Facebook. “How things have changed! This is from 1968! How cool! Thank goodness things have changed, I can’t imagine!”

With certain timeslots allocated to see your baby, no fathers in the room while you're nursing your newborn and only being able to feed the baby in incredibly spaced out time periods, we are certainly happy that times have changed!

“I just thought it was a very cool piece of history,” the woman told the blog Scary Mommy. She says the initial form was handed out to new mums from a hospital in the US. “I also thought it was hilarious and crazy!”