The most popular Disney inspired baby names from the past 20 years have been revealed

we love 05/04/2019

A UK based toy brand Play Like Mum examined all baby name records in the UK from 1996 in order to discover the most popular Disney-inspired names, as well as which ones have changed popularity over the years.

The research found a whopping 17,000 children born in the UK were named after something Disney inspired.

To top off the list is a name that won't come to a surprise to anyone - Elsa (inspired by Frozen) saw more than 3,000 babies named after the Disney princess.

This was followed by Tiana from The Princess and The Frog,with nearly 3,000 baby names, and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, with over 2,800 baby names.

They also found that eight out of the top 10 most popular Disney names were given to girls, and that of the top 35 names, only three were those of villains.

The research also showed that many names tend to peak in popularity just after their films were released, for example Elsa, rising sharply after the release of Frozen, and Tiana, peaking after people watched The Princess and The Frog.

Other names tended to peak when people who would have watched their films as a child grew old enough to have their own children. For example, Nala became popular as a name in 2011, 17 years after the release of the Lion King, while Ariel also became popular 17 years after the Little Mermaid hit cinemas.

Top 10 most popular Disney baby names in the UK:

  1. Elsa (Frozen)
  2. Tiana (Princess and the Frog)
  3. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
  4. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
  5. Minnie (Minnie Mouse)
  6. Woody (Toy Story)
  7. Winnie (Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree)
  8. Olaf (Frozen)
  9. Giselle (Enchanted)
  10. Ursula (The Little Mermaid)