Wife vents frustration after husband ditches 'family time' to watch Avengers movie

omg 29/04/2019

Avengers: Endgame is already one of the most successful movies of all time, but not everyone is excited about the latest installment in the Marvel franchise.

Writing on the Mumsnet website, an anonymous user vented her frustration after her husband bailed on family time to go see the movie.

"Maybe I’m over-reacting but need to vent!" she began. 

"*My husband* has been away for 4 days for a work trip and came home late last Night. I was looking forward to a cosy family night tonight - we have 3 children , 2 under 5 and a teenager. 

"But no... He is off to spend 3 hours at the cinema because he MUST see the new Avengers film tonight. So no time with the children, as he came home from work and started doing jobs! I have to put 2 of them to bed so they will be asleep when he gets home!"

"One of the children is in tears because he is confused that daddy is back after being away but has to go again."

People were quick to chime in with their thoughts on the issue...

"Is he 10 years old? Ridiculous behaviour from a man, especially after a business trip and you have children." one person wrote.

"Well that settles it. If your child is in tears he shouldn't go." another added bluntly.

But others were a bit more sympathetic to the husband...

“It’s the end of a series that has spanned 22 films and almost a decade. I’m actually with him on this one because I know how important it is to fans."

Others pointed out how hard it is to avoid spoilers these days, so urger the husband to get to the cinema ASAP.

How would you handle this tricky situation?