Words bridezilla tells best man minutes before her vows leaves him confused

omg 05/04/2019

A best man has had to vent online after his best mates totally bonkers wedding which included one very crazy bridezilla.

The best man revealed that while everyone knew he hated the woman his best mate was getting married to, he was honoured to be asked to fill the role and stand by the groom.

"My best friend was marrying a crazy chick and me and all of his other friends tried to talk some sense to him. In the end she won and he asked me to be his best man. She knew I didn't like her." the best man started in a post online.

"I had to drive 6 hours to the wedding and the crazy bride was bossing everyone around the whole time. 15 minutes before the ceremony is going to start, and she is crying one minute and laughing the next. The ceremony went fine but I was pretty weirded out when she looks over at me and winks as soon as my buddy gets done saying his vows. "I won" is what she was saying to me."

The best man went on to say how he was taken a back by the whole ordeal and was left very confused.

"I didn't know what to say at the reception for my best man toast. I thought about telling everyone what I thought of her and what a mistake my buddy made. I decided I didn't want to ruin his day so I just said he was a great guy and I hoped they had a good life."

He didn't reveal whether or not they were still close now that his best mate is married to a woman he absolutely despises, but by the end of his rant it sounds like they don't hang out too much anymore.