Lachy Wiggle shares a heartwarming message to Emma Wiggle fans

goss 24/05/2019

Emma & Lachy Wiggle are defying gender norms in a heartwarming way.

On Emma Wiggle's Instagram account she shared a photo of her ex-husband Lachy Wiggle wearing a yellow bow in his hair and holding a sign saying 'Boys can be Emma'.

The post was backed up by The Wiggles, with them reposting the photo with the caption 'bows for all'.

Many parents echoed the sentiment, sharing tales of their own sons wearing Emma's bow. "Yes they can! My son loves wearing his ‘bow bow’," one parent shared.

"My 2 year old is the same, he loves his Emma dress and bow (and his most beloved rainbow dress!),'' shared another mum.

"Girls can also be Lachie (sic) and Simon!!!'' said another.

Anyone can rock an Emma Wiggle bow!