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Woman's wedding day ruined by five simple words from husband

Woman's wedding day ruined by five simple words from husband

This bride's story is the stuff of nightmares.
5 June 2019 10:25AM

Wedding days are supposedly one of the happiest days in ones lives, but for one woman it was far from it.

One soon-to-be-married couple had their engagement party with all their close friends and family members, followed by their respective hens and stag doo and then spent the morning preping and getting ready for the vowel exchange that afternoon.

As the bride got glammed up with her bridesmaids, and zipped into her dress she never imagined what was about to happen at the alter.

Writing anonymously on Love What Matters, the bride describes her excitement on her big day, followed by total devastation when her fiancé - and father of her baby - decided extremely last minute that he couldn’t go through with it.

By last minute, he told his bride at the altar, in front of all their close friends and family, as they were about to be together for life.

As the couple stood there on the altar, her partner looked at her and said “I just can't do it”.

“I heard his words, but couldn’t comprehend them. It was every girl’s nightmare, and my reality,” she wrote.

Her fiancé then fled the church, while her baby boy came toddling over to her as she sank to the ground.

The woman’s mother said “Oh I am going to kill him!” while another guest shouted for someone to go after the runaway groom, but the jilted bride was having none of it.

“I wept like a baby in their arms. My makeup was ruined, my perfect wedding day ruined, my heart ruined.

She stayed with her family for a few days, trying to pull herself together, and when she got home, all her ex-partners belongings were gone. No phone calls, no texts… nothing.

Eventually he contacted her sister by text saying simply: “I’m so sorry. You’d want me to be happy, right? I want that for her, too. I’m just not the one.”

Just three months later, her ex changed his relationship status on social media and the woman was confronted with photos of him with his new girlfriend.

Two years on, there’s still no contact from him and she doesn’t know what to tell her young son. However, she fears one day his Dad will try to come back and take him.

“Everyday, I remind myself that I am the strong woman who endured the biggest heartbreak. That got through it even when she thought she couldn’t,” she wrote.