Woman's Kmart hack goes viral after she makes embarrassing mistake

funny stuff 01/08/2019

A woman has gone viral after accidentally revealing some 'personal' details about her health in a Kmart hack...

"I made this Kmart plate for my bedside and I keep my crystals and sage on it - and lip balm," she posted in a Kmart hack Facebook group.

"I put the glitter dust from the cheap shop on the bottom. You can paint PVA glue or clag if you don't want the sand to spread off the edge."

But people were very quick to point out the photo she shared included a bit more than just a Kmart hack. In the middle of the plate, the woman's haemorrhoid cream is there for all to see...

"I seriously can’t figure out if this is a piss-take or not," one woman wrote. 

"I don't know if I should take my hat off to a magnificent troll or call Dr Phil," another added.

Someone else simply stated "You’re trolling yeah?"

This would've left the mum feeling a bit red-faced!