Jägermeister want to kick-start your mornings with this new alcoholic coffee

omg 11/09/2019

Here’s a combo we didn’t expect to see! The Jägermeister alcohol brand has announced plans to create a cold-brew coffee infused with their signature Jäger taste. 

"Combining Jägermeister with coffee has been a fan favorite for years, so we wanted to perfect that experience for our consumers and create a product where those flavors were perfectly balanced," a spokesperson for the company said.

"Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee fits seamlessly into our portfolio, while speaking to our audience who want to live boldly and experience disruptive new things,” he added.

The drink will be roughly 33% alcohol and is set for release next year. While we can’t see this replacing your morning coffee, it could be a nice way to kick-start a night out!