'Pasta straws' are the latest eco-friendly straw alternative

we love 09/10/2019

As everyone tries to cut down on their plastic waste, one company in Europe have created a new alternative to plastic straws - pasta straws!

'Stroodles' are straws made of uncooked pasta which many places in Italy are now serving instead of plastic and paper straws.

"You can use Stroodles and sleep guilt-free, as being a food product, they decompose overnight without any extra action, unlike paper straws, which take thirty to sixty days." the company says.

"As with any straw it is not recommended to drink hot beverages with it, as it might cause probable injury like tongue burn. Stroodles are recommended for use with cold drinks unless you want to make a noodle soup."

If you're worried about the straws changing the flavour of your drink, the good news is the company claims the straws don't have a taste at all.

The straws are available to order online from the company's website. We're currently unaware of any NZ providors, but if they take off overseas we're sure we'll see them here someday!