Newlyweds slammed as 'ridiculous' after they update their Facebook statuses mid-vows

omg 10/10/2019

A 'quirky stunt' that a pair of newlyweds pulled at their wedding ceremony hasn't gone down to well with people at the wedding or by people online.

The stunt, which saw the couple interupt their vows to update their Facebook relationship status from 'engaged' to 'married' has left people saying that they 'want to give up on society'.

Just minutes after the couple updated their status, a guest at the wedding uploaded a photo of their actions into a Facebook wedding shaming group where it instantly racked up hundreds of comments and likes.

"Instead of doing a unity candle or sand ceremony, Danielle and James changed their Facebook statuses to married." was the caption that accompanied the photo.

"This isn't cute or quirky. It's ridiculous." said one commenter.

What do you think? A cool and unique idea? Or a bad reflection of what society has become?