Celebrity chef Pete Evans mocked for feeding his kids caviar for breakfast

goss 29/11/2019

Celebrity chef and My Kitchen Rules judge Pete Evans has been mocked online after sharing a photo of the breakfast he made for his kids.

"Surf and turf breakfast for the girls." he wrote on his Instagram.

"Boiled organic eggs topped with caviar, kraut fed wagyu hotdog with chilli sauce."

As soon as people reading his post saw the word 'caviar' they immediately started to laugh at the idea that their kids would ever eat that for breakfast...

"This looks ridiculous." one wrote.

"Just the kind of relatable food advice parents are looking for..." joked another.

"Pete Evans' kids just ate caviar for breakfast." someone else said in a state of shock.

Pete did take the time to respond to the people criticising the breakfast saying "Some may call this ridiculous... I like to call it delicious!"

Do you think your kids would ever be seen eating caviar for breaky?