People are baffled by this optical illusion of a girl with extremely long legs

omg 28/11/2019

An innocent photo of a young girl in a park has left people on the internet scratching their heads...

The photo shows the girl standing in a park, but people were quick to point out her 'long and lanky legs'.

So what is actually going on with this optical illusion?

After staring blankly at the screen, deeply confused, some people were quicker than others and pointed out what was really happening in the pic...

"Took me 25 minutes to see she holding a bag of popcorn." one person confessed.

"Damn. I had to stare at the photo AFTER reading that she was holding a bag of popcorn!" added another.

"I was seriously concerned and thinking 'this child needs to be saved and fed!' and I saw someone yell out popcorn so I thought 'well, yes we can feed her popcorn but is it enough?' and then I saw the popcorn bag." another said.

How long did it take you to spot what was happening here?