People are going nuts over this delicious 'Caramilk Bliss Ball' recipe

we love 19/11/2019

Ever since it made a comeback this year, Caramilk has been one of the most popular chocolates on Kiwi shelves. Now a woman has found a delicious and simple new way to enjoy the chocolate treat!

Writing on the 'Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips' Facebook page, the woman said "found this recipe online, with all the Caramilk hype - thought I would give it ago."

The response to the recipe has been huge, with people calling the finished product "delicious" and "amazing".

Check out the full recipe below...

Caramilk Bliss Balls:
1 x block of Caramilk choc (190g)
1 x tin of condensed milk (395g)
1 packet of plain biscuits (250g)
80g coconut ( + extra to roll balls in)

"Slow cooker on high (lid off). Break up the chocolate and put into the slow cooker to melt."

"While you wait for chocolate to melt, crush your biscuits ( I just use a ziplock bag and rolling pin)."

"Once chocolate is all melted turn off slow cooker and add everything else in. Mix together well and roll into balls, and then roll into the extra coconut. Store in the fridge or freezer."

Based on the huge online response, these Caramilk treats could be worth a try!