'Fries boards' are starting to replace cheese boards this year

omg 10/01/2020

It seems that many people are saying goodbye to the classic and much loved cheeseboard in 2020 and saying hello to the 'fries board' instead!

Just like how cheese boards contain various different flavours of cheese and crackers, 'fries boards' feature a range of different hot chip varieties and sauces.

Straight-cut, shoestring, waffle fries, wedges, kumara chips, beer-battered... there are so many different variations of chips to add to the platter and it's pretty much always guaranteed to be a hit! Who doesn't love a good carb-fuelled snack dish every now and then, after all?

Just buy a selection of your favourite chips from your supermarket, pop them in the oven and place them in their various groups on a platter once they’re cooked. Then just add your dipping sauces, and you’re done! Easy!