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Mum brilliantly responds after being criticised for feeding her kids McDonald's

Mum brilliantly responds after being criticised for feeding her kids McDonald's

13 March 2020 2:07PM

Parenting blogger and mum-of-two, Caitlin Fladager, from Vancouver opened up recently in an Instagram post about some of the things she’s been criticized for online. One of those things was treating her kids to a Maccas Happy Meal and letting them watch TV. 

In her post to Instagram, Caitlin shared a pic of her kids lounging on the couch, with empty McDonald’s wrappers on the coffee table. She accompanied the post with the caption:

"What's something you let your kids do that has been 'mom shamed'? Sometimes I make my kids awesome dinners and do fun activities with them, but some days I get them McDonald's and let them watch a lot of TV (YouTube)."

And while putting your private life in full view of the public is always going to bring criticism for your choices, Caitlin is willing to stand up for herself, clapping back at the disapproval by adding: "I want to celebrate all we do for our kids, even the 'frowned upon' things. We're all doing the best we can."

Her post gained thousands of likes, with plenty of comments standing up for her parenting choices:

"I don't have kids but I see nothing wrong here," wrote one person. "They're mad chillin. I'd like to join 'em."

Another said: "If a happy meal and YouTube makes your kids happy and your life easier that’s all that should matter!"

A third person replied: "I leave the TV on all day for back ground noise. I get told they watch too much but I’m pretty sure they play the whole day and watch it the odd time here and there."

"Same.️ And thank you for this post! What’s most important is for our kids to be happy and healthy, and mine are - and looks like yours are too! Can’t wait for the day we all stop shaming other moms. There is more than one way to parent. You do you," added another.