Kids as young as 18 months should be doing chores claims child expert

omg 08/04/2020

We'd probably all love for our kids to help out with the housework more than they actually do and one child development expert agrees!

Dr Deborah Gilboa thinks that the earlier we get kids into chores the better, as it can help with their development.

But what chores and what ages? Thankfully she gave a bit of a discription...

18 months - 3 years: "This is the ‘me do it myself!’ age, so take advantage of it!" she says. "You'll rarely need to ask a preschooler twice if they'd like to do a big-kid job for you."

4 - 5 years: "Kids are entirely capable of doing some tasks alone, but many children this age won't remember without prompting."

6 - 8 years old: "Building habits is easier if something needs to get done every day. So a repetitive kitchen chore or pet care can be a great choice". She went on to say by this age she had taught her son to do his own laundry by this age.

9 - 11 years old: "Take advantage of your child's ability to tackle multi-step projects, these will take a while to learn, but are great for sharpening their planning and problem-solving skills as well as — eventually - taking something off your plate."

12 - 13 year olds: "Your best bet with tweens is to connect a chore to any activity that is important to them. If your child loves to eat, dinner or breakfast prep is a great chore,"

14 -15 year olds: "Pick a household chore you really don't like to do and delegate it to your teenagers."

16 - 18 year olds: "Cooking, cleaning, car maintenance, even getting them involved in bill-paying ... make sure they're ready to adult!"

So there you go, some thought starters for how to put the kids to work during lockdown!