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People are calling this viral Birthday Party Personality Test 'shockingly accurate'

People are calling this viral Birthday Party Personality Test 'shockingly accurate'

Some people have been shocked by their results!
22 May 2020 11:43AM

In just four easy questions, the latest viral personality quiz will expose your worst - and best - personality traits. 

The test takes all of one minute, going viral thanks to Tiktoker Ethan Davitt, but it may give you some answers you’re not quite ready to confront. 

In the TikTok, Davitt calls it "the most exact personality test out there" and talks through each of the four questions. All you have to do is remember back to before COVID was a thing, and you could actually attend birthday parties of more than 10 people. 

Your answers to the quiz will reveal two words to describe your personality. To come up with your first word, you have to figure out how you feel about your own birthday by answering the two questions:

  • If you have no birthday plans, do you... not care, are you secretly upset, or are you noticeably upset?

  • If you have to have a party, would you want to... be surprised, know someone else is planning it, or plan it yourself?

The questions are presented in a grid in the video, with your answer to each of the two questions meeting to give you your describing word. 

"It's going to feel negative," said Davitt, "but don't worry because the next one is going to be positive."

For your second word, answer these two questions on how you feel about other people's birthdays:

  • What kind of birthday celebration would you rather go to... a chill hangout, a party, or an activity?

  • Are you the one who... plans birthday parties for your friends, or do you just attend?

The word that sits in the cross section of your two answers is your second word - its a lot more positive this time though. 

Put together, your two words will describe your ‘personality’ - and apparently they’re pretty meanly accurate. 

So what’s your party personality type?