Wellington pie gets flagged for being too sexy for Facebook

funny stuff 29/05/2020

Is it possible to have food too good-looking for Facebook?

One pie-maker in Wellington may think this is the case after his business's shepherd's pie was flagged for 'adult content' by Facebook's advertising policy.

Niels Reinsborg, who opened Crafty Pies at the beginning of the year, told Newshub that Facebook immediately rejected the photograph of his 'Cypriot Shephard's Pie' he had posted, saying it didn't allow the promotion of adult items or services on its sites. It then closed the Crafty Pies advertising account.

"While it's a very cute pie, I don't think its too objectively arousing for the general public," says Niels Reinsborg.

According to screenshots, the pie is made from lean lamb cooked with fresh ginger cumin and cinnamon, served in parmesan and black pepper pastry with a mashed carrot and parsnip topping.   

"I don't know how you could look at it and think it was anything but a pie!"

Crafty Pies is still awaiting a reply to either one of its two appeals to Facebook about the decision to close its account.

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