Parents criticised for raising their 7 year old daughter to believe she's a 'witch'

omg 30/06/2020

These parents have raised eyebrows across the globe after coming clean about something they've been telling their daughter for most of her life...

The parents have lead her to believe that she is actually a witch (like the kind in Harry Potter) and she has magical powers. It doesn't stop their, the daughter also believes the entire family is magical!

The parents spoke about their approach in a post on Reddit...

"She is almost eight and as her questions have gotten deeper, we've kept building the illusion with more details about our family genealogy and its connection to book characters, stories about times we used magic (and the life and moral lessons we learned about it).

"Before other parents judge or lecture; we know it's gaslighting and eventually she'll be disappointed and have trust issues with us when she learns the truth.

"We justify it that we are adding magic to her childhood, and give her motivation to reach her full (magical) potential (since she needs to study hard to be accepted to Hogwarts)."

As you can imagine, the response online wasn't overly positive...

"Instead of just teaching your daughter to love books you do... This?" one person wrote.

Others didn't see the big deal, saying it was a bit of harmless fun.

Where do you sit on the issue?