Aussie mum shows-off her mountain of washing that built up over lockdown

funny stuff 28/07/2020

An Aussie mum has gone viral after showing off her mountain of washing that built up during her lockdown. 

The woman sat on top of the pile as if it was a throne, she also revealed that in the end she bagged it all up and sent it to the dry-cleaners to get sorted.

"Mount-fold-more is no more... Everything was re-washed dried ironed and folded." she wrote on Facebook.

"Now the mission of putting them all away..."

"Eight weeks ago my ensuite toilet decided to send sewage through my master bedroom, walk in robe and front living area where Mount fold more was."

"During Covid and homeschooling four kids I didn’t bother about folding any washing, it ended up like this! I decided to sit on it, take a picture an own it..."

The response online ranged from positive to disgust...

"A strong woman always finds a solution!! You’re nailing it!!" one person wrote.

"More of this should be shown, we aren’t all super woman, reality is nice to see." added another.

"Love how you have owned that, made my day! We put so much pressure on ourselves & there’s more in life than folding clothes. Enjoy your family, it’ll still be there when your ready." said a third person.

We certainly don't envy her having to sort all of these clothes out!