Man's poor attempt at 'Fairy Bread' sparks debate over the right way to make it

omg 09/09/2020

Fairy Bread has been a staple of many kids parties for decades, so its no wonder that people are pretty passionate about it!

If you're not sure what it is - it is very simple! Usually white bread is smeared with butter/margarine and topped with hundreds and thousands - simple!

But the way that this Reddit user created his fairy bread quickly sparked a debate over the best way to make it...

"Crusts still on. Bugger all coverage at the edges. Not cut into triangles. (Halves or quarters, doesn't matter.) 3/10 - amateur effort." one person wrote in response to the photo.

"Triangles! This needs to be triangles. I was trying to figure out why this looked so wrong to me. I just weirdly can't imagine it tasting right if it's not in triangle form." added someone else.

Another critic wrote that the "100s&1000s density in the centre is also a little too high, hold the shaker at a higher altitude for more even coverage." 

What do you make of the reviews, are they fair or too harsh?