Study reveals the wedding songs most likely to lead to an unhappy marriage

omg 23/09/2020

Wedding songs always tend to hold a special place in the hearts of those getting married. But a recent study has found that isn't the case for some songs...

OnBuy has found a link between the songs chosen and overall happiness in a marriage.

The study of hundreds of people found that those who danced to Elvis' 'Can't Help Falling in Love' lead the happiest married lives - but it was bad news for One Direction fans.

Here are the first dance songs that tended to lead to unhappy marriages...

  1. Little Things - One Direction
  2. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
  3. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
  4. Skinny Love - Birdy
  5. You've Got a Friend In Me - Randy Newman

So if you've got a wedding coming up, it might pay to steer clear of these tunes!