Mum's 'boys toilet rules' for her sons proves a hit with parents

we love 06/10/2020

A mum sick and tired of her sons leaving the toilet in a state has taken matters into her own hands by making a clever sign to display in the loo.

The mum made the framed rules using materials sourced from Kmart - so it was very budget friendly!

"I was so sick and tired of having to remind my hubby and son of putting the seat down so I came up with this." she wrote on the Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia Facebook group.

"Everything is from Kmart. Note I put it behind the toilet so they can see it while peeing!"

The poster reads "Boys toilet rules. Flush the toilet. Put the seat down. Clean up after yourself. Wash your hands."

As some people were quick to mention, the toilet seat is actually up in the photo she shared! If you're dealing with the same qualms, this could be a goer!