UK Man shocked after peeling open extremely rare 'double banana'

omg 08/10/2020

Now how is this for a banana split!?

A UK man was shocked after peeling open his banana only to find not one, but two of them!

"I was immediately astonished by its girth. Upon opening, it was revealed to be a double banana in one skin." the man told DailyMail.

"I was surprised and dumbfounded at first. I thought it might have been a bit rotten so I was glad to see there were no spiders' eggs inside."

"I was sceptical about eating it, but then I thought 'waste not want not' and I gave the other one to my mum. We found it funny at first, but then realised it was still just a banana at the end of the day."

Experts suggest that roughly 5% of bananas can grow into double bananas, while 4 fingered bananas are also possible.