5 year old girl hilariously renames herself after saying hers is 'too common'

funny stuff 17/11/2020

A mum has shared her funny exchange with her daughter on Reddit after she asked if she could change her name to something less common.

"Her name is Tillie. She asked me if it was an old name and I told her that it's a nickname for 'Matilda,' which is indeed a very old name." the mum wrote.

"She got very defiant about it and said she would be changing her name to something 'no one else in the world has.' I told her to go for it."

"She informed me today that her name is now Hamburger. Soooo... Do I start the paperwork now or give it a few years?"

As you'd imagine, many people had views on the young one's proposed name change.

"Hamburger is way too common! She will surely be one of five in her class." one wrote.

"My six-year-old sister makes us call her Wealthy Lady." confessed another parent.

"When my son was 3 he made us refer to him as The Governor." someone else added.

You've just got to laugh at some of the stuff that comes out of kids' mouths!