Chili pepper addicts may have longer lives, says study

trending 16/11/2020

Love spicy food? Then you'll love this news.

Preliminary research carried out by the American Heart Association has suggested that people who regularly love chili peppers have longer lifespans.

The chili's anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer and blood-glucose regulating properties play a role in reducing a person’s risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease or cancer, according to the AHA.

Researchers analysed 4,728 studies related to chili peppers and the aforementioned illnesses, featuring 570,000 health records from US, China and Iran.

Candidates who ate chili peppers regularly had “a 26% relative reduction in cardiovascular mortality; a 23% relative reduction in cancer mortality; and a 25% relative reduction in all-cause mortality.”

“We were surprised to find that in these previously published studies, regular consumption of chili pepper was associated with an overall risk-reduction of all cause, CVD and cancer mortality,” said the report’s senior author Dr. Bo Xu. “It highlights that dietary factors may play an important role in overall health.”

While it's not clear how much chili would need to be consumed or if it's solely responsible for a prolonged life, the data shows it has a good impact on lowering risks associated with cardiovascular disease or cancer.

Guess chilli is truly the spice of life!