Terrifying photos show how easy it is to lose sight of a kid in a pool

omg 04/02/2021

Warm weather tends to mean spending more time at your local swimming hole.

An Aussie charity has gone viral after sharing pics on their Facebook showing how easy it can be to lose sight of a kid swimming underwater.

"What do you see underneath the water here? Take a good look.
Anything? A child? Yes, there is a child there." the post began by saying.

Take a look at the pic below and see if you can spot the kid...

If you couldn't spot the kid, here's the answer...

"It's hard to believe, we know! One of *our* Kids Educators was at a pool party with friends and noticed how cloudy the water had become after being used all day. She asked one of the children who was wearing a pale blue swimsuit, to swim to the bottom. The result shocked her."

The charity recommended that kids wear fluro or bright coloured togs to make spotting them a bit easier.

A freaky reminder of the importance of water safety!