Nurse is baffled by mum's bizarre pronunciation of the name Liam

omg 24/03/2021

Have you been pronouncing the name Liam incorrectly this entire time? One mum in the States seems to think so!

A paediatric nurse from the US, Lindsey Forster, says that with her thick Southern accent, she often butchers everybody's name. However, calling out simple names like Ben or Sally is so simple, it's almost impossible to get wrong.

"So, I see a kid's name on our computer and I say 'oh, Liam, I got this. L-I-A-M. Liam. Easy', she recounts on her TikTok video.

"I go out, call the kid's name, nobody moves. Call him again. Nobody moves. Call him again nobody moves."

"Finally this mum stands up and says 'do you mean 'Yum?' And I say 'no, Liam?' and she said 'yeah, it's short for William'."

Turns out, this mum thinks that we should be pronouncing Liam like the way we pronounce William. And Nurse Lindsey was completely mindblown from what she heard.

The video has been watched more than 3 million times, but not everyone's on board with the mum's pronunciation.

One TikTok user joked, "My son's name was Liam. His new name is Yum."

And another user couldn't help but share: "As a mum of a Liam, I am perturbed."

So next time we talk to a Liam, guess we better ask how his name is pronounced!