Bunnings worker reveals the secret to their sale signs

omg 30/04/2021

The signs that possess the aisles in Bunnings Warehouse's around the country are almost as distinct as the Bunnings sausage sizzles themselves!

But a question on many people's minds who frequent the hardware store is - how do all the signs always look the same, like they were written by one person!?

TikTok user, who also works at Bunnings, has taken to the social media app to debunk any theories around the signs - and it's leaving many mindblown.

The signs are not printed by a company or done by one professional signwriter, instead they handwritten by staff members using a very distinct style of calligraphy.

According to the TikToker, every store has a couple people who are trained up to do the signs. The signs are done to actual standards that the store has set.

Interesting! You can watch the signwriting in action below.